Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow Day . . .

Sophia getting up close and personal with the snow . . .
Emma . . . she looks so big in this picture . . .
Don't you just love it when your older sister tackles you into the snow . . .
Did you check to make sure that wasn't yellow snow, Sophia?!

As you can tell from the pictures . . . we recieved a lot of snow!! Yeah . .. we recieved so much in fact that we had a snow day today!! Yeah! It was a good thing that I graded all of my papers last night so I had time to relax and chill out. When I picked up the girls from my mom, the first thing that we did when we got home was grab our boots and head outside. I do realize that Sophia doesn't have gloves on, but she wasn't in the mood to wear them. Hopefully the snow will stick around so we can try this again and maybe . . .just maybe Sophia will wear her gloves!
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Saturday, January 5, 2008

The "Official" Santa Picture

Here it is the infamous Santa 2007 picture with the girls and I!
Yes . . . Em's eyes are blotchy and red because she was screaming like Soph!!
Happy New Year!
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