Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christma Part Four . . .

Here's a CHEESY pic of my brother . . . what a dork . . .. then there's Emma and her beloved JACK IN THE BOX!! She loves that thing . . . I'm not quite sure where she even saw one and learned about one, but luckily Santa was able to deliver!! Then the girls are seated side by side watching a movie at Nana's house! They are cheese balls . . . must get that from their uncle!! Then the beautiful maiden all dressed up is ME!! Thanks . . . I picked out my own outfit . . . the girls, Monica, and I were playing dress up! They had so much fun!! We had a relaxing Christmas and I hope yours' was, too! We even managed to have a little snow!! Yeah!! Happy New Year, Everyone!!

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Christmas part 3 . . .

This is Monica and Maison playing a wicked game of War . . . yes . . . that would be the elementary card game loved by all . . . I think Maison ended up winning!! The next showcase Sophia and some of the kitchen ware that Santa/Nana&Papa/Elves got her and her sister for Christmas! Followed by Sophia and her wicked shades! Then Emma demonstrating how to actually use the measuring cups! She's sooo smart!!

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Christmas Part 2 . . .

So these are more pics from our Tuttle/Sherer Holiday!! This first features our family portrait that we gave to my parents for Christmas . . .isn't that lovely . . . we all look so tan and sepia toned!! It actually looks quite nice all framed . . .

Okay . .. the next is reality finally setting in the girls are pissed and they just want hotchocolate . . . Marcy and Paul our beloved photographers are thinking . .. and we are wasting our morning for this . . .hee hee! It was all worth it for the above pic!

Here is the close up of another pic from that day . . . Ha, ha, so funny, Monica!! Then there is this beauty of my dear grandpa and Sophia . ..
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Christmas . . .

Okay . . . so I know that the holiday season is almost over with the New Year ending in a couple of days, but I thought that I would share some "Christmas Cheer" with you all! Here are the girls and I "happily" going to see Santa . . . Yes, that is Sophia desperately trying to squirm away from the "wicked" man in a beard . . . and yes that is Emma whispering, "Why in the heck are you subjecting us to such cruelty . . . especially since all I really want is a JACK IN THE BOX?!!"

Here I am . . .calm, cool, and collected . . . thinking . . . where is my egg nog, when is the photographer going to say "cheese" or something?!

And here I am looking at my mom thinking . . . I'm so glad she's here so that everyone can say . . . wow . . . that grandma is really lucky to have two beautiful red-headed screaming grandkids!!
The best thing about the whole experience was in the car when my mom asked Em what she asked Santa for Christmas . . . Em replied that she was really worried because all she could do was cry so she didn't know what he was going to bring!! Funny!! I'll upload more photos of the holiday Forced Family Fun!!