Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christma Part Four . . .

Here's a CHEESY pic of my brother . . . what a dork . . .. then there's Emma and her beloved JACK IN THE BOX!! She loves that thing . . . I'm not quite sure where she even saw one and learned about one, but luckily Santa was able to deliver!! Then the girls are seated side by side watching a movie at Nana's house! They are cheese balls . . . must get that from their uncle!! Then the beautiful maiden all dressed up is ME!! Thanks . . . I picked out my own outfit . . . the girls, Monica, and I were playing dress up! They had so much fun!! We had a relaxing Christmas and I hope yours' was, too! We even managed to have a little snow!! Yeah!! Happy New Year, Everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures. I love the one of you in the rocking chair and yes, Josh is a major cheese ball.
Hope your holiday was good. It looks like it was. I love ya and miss ya much.