Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dec. Happenings . . .

So these are a few pictures from the following week . . .
Em lost her first tooth . . .
argh . . I was NOT prepared for this . . .
had to have a last minute class on proper tooth fairy duties!!

Then there was her concert . . . couldn't get any "great" pictures . . . ARGH!!
The infamous princess birthday cake . . . I can't believe Em is 5!!
Last, but not least, the birthday girl . . .
We had a great time . . . she got super presents . . . and the cake was even pretty good, too!!
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas presents . . .

So I have been busily making Christmas presents this weekend!! I made 11 of the boxes this weekend. I have to decorate 10 of them still, but it's soo much fun!! The bottom pics are of a project that I'm making for my mom and my mother-in-law! I was totally inspired by the awesome scrapper, Danielle Flanders. She created a similar project and you can see it here:
She makes awesome things and for some reason this project of her's just cried to be lifted in my world! I have one done and I need to finish the other one. I hope that they like them!!

Other than the above, I got my haircut and colored . . . dark!! I love going to the salon! It's always so fun!! Emma is recovered, finally, from the 36 hour flu!! Argh. I hate it when the kiddos are sick!! Hopefully no one else will get sick now! Happy Sunday, Everyone!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Here's some pages that I finished today . . .

all were based off of sketches that I had to do . . .

The top one was for the SketchFest2 Crop going on right now at !! The bottom two were for one of the design teams that I'm on!! Pamela always does such awesome sketches!! I love working with them!!

Forgot to add . . .

Saw this movie . . .
twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

I thought it was pretty good! Except Jasper was a little odd! I went with a group of friends and had a really great time!! Just finished re-reading the book, too! Now I'm waiting patiently for my sis to come bearing lots of great reads!!

No Turkey Day for us . . .

Happy Turkey Day Pictures, Images and Photos
Sophia and I each came down with a touch of the flu . . . we didn't feel like spreading it around to the family so we just stayed home. So there was no . . .
Eat some pumpkin pie Pictures, Images and Photos
for me!! Boo hoo! It was nice re-cooperating though . . . although I would have much rather been with the rest of my family!!
I guess that just means that Christmas should be nice and easy!!

Speaking of Christmas . . . our tree is up and decorated and we only had to put 1 ornament to rest!! The girls had so much fun! Whenever we see any kind of lights, Sophia shouts, "CHRISTMAS!!" I love it!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Awesome challenge . . .

This was for a challenge at Scrapbook Heaven . . . a use no embellishments, only doodling challenge!! It was so much fun and I totally rocked this out . . . I had a vision in my head and I think it went right out onto the paper! I only used markers and stickles . . . that's it!! Thanks for checking it out!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holy Hawkeye . . .

I haven't blogged in quite a while . . . you've missed Halloween pics and new layouts that I've created . . . so here goes . . . I've been doing a lot of random layouts lately . . . I'm still a little shook up about 4SS shutting down, but I have found fun and a new meeting place over at Scrapbook Heaven . . .a lot of the 4SS girls traveled there . . . it's been a lot of fun!

I love these pics . . . the girls were being sooo goofy. I hand cut the letters for goofy!

Was challenged to use a quote in a layout.

One I did for a sketch DT contest!

Some tags for a Christmas Crop at SH.

Irregular shaped layout challenge!

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for . . . the Halloween pictures . . . there are a few carving pumpkins pictures too . . .

Em & Patrick

Soph throwing pumpkin guts off of Paul and Marcy's deck . . .

Soph & I carving Em's pumpkin . . .

Soph and her pumpkin

Em and her pumpkin

Paul's pumpkin

Soph & the pumpkins

Em & her pumpkin

the infamous Wilbur

Thing 1 & Thing 2 . . . and of course Wilbur . . .trick or treating!!

Us outside my friend Jo's house!

Soph with the Hat on

The Cat in the Hat off to get his treats, too!

Soph modeling a hat that I made for her!! It was so fun. I made one for Em also but I haven't caught her in the hat yet!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Scrapwords Star . . . Round 1 . . .

Okay, call me crazy . . . but I love scrapbooking!! I actually skipped watching Heroes tonight so that I could get this layout finished!! I had an idea . . . a moment of inspiration and I couldn't bear to stop until I had finished! This was my layout into the Scrapwords Star contest.

I'll keep you all updated on my progress . . .I hope that I can at least make it out of Round 1!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

November Sneak Peeks . . .

So the cold has made it's way into my brain!!

I totally took my sneak peek pics and then forgot to put them in my blog!!

So without further ado . . . here they are:

I just fell in love with this kit .. . I'll admit . . . I was a little sketchy at first and I was so nervous because the colors are so opposite of what I'm used to working with. In the end . . . I feel like I might just have to order another set of the papers to keep me going!! I loved them so much!!

I so can't wait for the full reveal of the next peek . . . it's one of my most favorite layouts!!

Thanks for looking .. . remember kits go on sale at 4 Scrappy Sisters on Oct. 25th . . .pick yourself up a "delicious" fat-free, sugar-free treat!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

FALL FRENZY CROP AT 4Scrappy Sisters!!

Okay . . . it's the moment I've been waiting for . . . it's time for the 4 Scrappy Sister's Fall Frenzy On-Line Crop . . . it's going to be so much fun! I have several things planned as do my outstanding group of Design Team Members! There are RAKs to giveaway and a grand prize!! I hope that you'll follow me on over . . .
Crop starts bright at early at 9:30 EST!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy World Card Making Day . . .

In honor of World Card Making Day, (yes, Mary . . . you are going to think I'm a geek!!) I made these cards yesterday . . . I just used scraps and some challenge ideas! It was pretty fun! I think my favorite is the one directly below with the butterfly!

This morning:
Sophia trying to get warm by cuddling up with Mickey . . .

and Emma reading . . . she's always reading things now . . .

Hope you have a great day!
I've got a lot of exciting things planned like laundry, grocery shopping, & cleaning!! I know, I know .. . you're all jealous and wish you could be me!! I'm actually going to try and take it easy and drink lots of water and Zicam to try and avoid getting a cold!!

ATC's & a layout

Here are a few projects that I've been working on:

The first 6 are actually ATC cards. They are about 2 x 3" . . . not very big, but neat! I'm participating in 52 weeks of fun hosted by the ever-amazing Jules at 4 Scrappy Sisters. I was 3 weeks behind, but I was able to catch up in one day!! Yeah!!

And this one is just a layout that I did using a Becky Fleck PageMap sketch!