Sunday, April 20, 2008

This is just like what?!

Here we have Emma pouring water into her tea cups out of a small pitcher.

Seems pretty harmless right?! Well . . . that's what most people would think. Now the following are words that actually came out of Em's mouth as she was pouring water into cups: "This is just like crap . . . wow this is just like crap." My first thought was: What the heck did she just say? I look over at Patrick, who luckily has the same puzzled expression I have. So I quckly ask: What did you just say? And you guessed it: she repeats the same phrase again. Hmm . . . where to go from here?
I casually say that crap is another name for poop and where do you find poop? Em says: Oh, well I find poop in the potty. My response is: Right . . . so is that just like crap? Em: Eww . . . no it's not!!
Patrick assumes that she meant that it was just crafty?! Who knows . . . but it's still as funny story to share!! Happy Sunday to you!!
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