Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My baby had her 1st day of School . . .

Here she is in her first day outfit . . . complete with backpack and apparently needing to hold on to a measuring tape . . . I swear that girls loves numbers!!
A close of the newly big girl who promptly told me that she would NOT be eating her muffins and she didn't care if she went to preschool or not! Then I threw in "No Nana" and her tune quickly changed!
Her new back pack that she picked out all by herself. Inside: a copy of her birth cert., her check for tuition, bubble gum lip gloss, KNUFFLE BUNNY TOO {her new book from Auntie Monica}, and a package of kleenex . . . she has allergies . . .MONSTER ALLERGIES!!
Painting with Shelby. She's so happy to be at school. She wanted us to go back after dinner!
Bently, Em, & Shelby . . . a trio of friends . . . how scared the teachers must be!!
Talking to a stranger . . . what a big step she had today. I'm so proud of her!! I actually get to take her to school tomorrow! I can't wait! She's so happy about it . . . I was so worried she wouldn't have fun because she is so shy at home. . .I'm so proud of her . . . although I think I already mentioned that!! Have a great Wednesday!!

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Anonymous said...

So cute. Glad preschool went well. It's funny that she loves numbers because as I recall, you are not a math wiz Andrea!
Love her outfit too.