Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday Morning . . . after a week of work!!

Good morning to you all . . . wow . . . what a week it has been. My first week back at work. The girls' first visit to Mari's house. Marcy's Gramp's funeral. A kiddo rushing up to me during math to tell me thanks for teaching math today. My parents rockin' out in Lost Wages. Patrick and I staying up way too late last night watching "Weeds". Getting our first DVDs via NetFlix in the mail.
Here is a layout that I worked on . . . it's pretty simple . . . I love the yawning picture. Kelisa was so much fun . . .

Here are 3 pictures of the mirror that I got at Graples that I promised a while back . . . better late than never I suppose. I love the swirls at the top and bottom . . . it is so pretty . . . now I just have to figure out how it would go best in my room . . . that is definitely a project for later though . . .

This is a pic of my brave red-headed wonder this morning . . . she and her sis are watching Toy Story 2. This week because my parents are out of town and Patrick started class . . . she had to go to a place that she had visited but never stayed . . . my dear friend Mari's . . . it was pretty funny dropping her off because I expected this great fit to be thrown . . . Em just ran over to the play kitchen and started going to town. Then she looked at me with those big baby blues and said, " Go to work, Mama. Get out of here!" Well . . . okay baby . . . I hope this means that her drop off at preschool will go smoothly!!
And here's little Miss Daredevil herself . . . I don't think she's done much in the climbing of the coffee tables as of late, but her latest trick is to pull herself up onto the couch . . . I guess this means let the couch leaping begin?!
Happy Long Weekend, everyone . . . I hoping to get a lot of "fun stuff" accomplished . . . clean the house, clean out my car, get groceries, look for an adjustable stool for work, and maybe even be creative . . . sounds fun, huh?! I know you're all jealous.

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Anonymous said...

So how was your first week? I want to hear about it. I love the mirror and obviously love the layout of Kelisa.
You are so talented.

Emma's hair is getting so long, it's cute!