Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day . . .

In honor of today, I would like to share some memories about my dad. I remember in high school playing basketball, I could look up in the stands and know that he was watching and would offer praise when I needed it. He was often times one of my biggest fans. I remember him taking me to college with my brother, mom, and sister. He was so proud when he said good-bye and also very quiet. My mom told me later that he didn't say anything for at least 3 hours on their ride home! One day, we had a family BBQ . . .I'm not sure what we were celebrating, but I remember getting ready for something. My dad had a dog names Henry . . . on that day, Henry got hit by a truck. I remember my dad carrying his beloved dog away . . .it was a sight that I won't ever forget.
Now I have many memories of my dad with my own kids! They love him and he loves them right back! I happy to have such a great dad that supports me in all of my endeavors! Happy Father's Day, Dad!!

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