Friday, July 27, 2007

Cleaning Mode

Today I've been in a wild clean mode! The kids' toys were driving me crazy, so I decided to put them in a small room under our stairs!! Don't worry . . . I didn't put the kids there!! Hee Hee!! I cleaned out, 5 boxes and 3 bags of stuff to be delivered to Goodwill . . .mostly baby stuff. I picked out some outfits to give to Mary for her new baby Kelisa. Now it is all sitting in the back of my car waiting to be delivered. Then I took the toys from the craft room and living room and put them in the closet room that is under our stairs. Emma thinks it is totally cool . . . I love the fact that we can now just shut the door and the toys are behind it! Yeah . . . that's for the advice, Mom!! I am currently in the process of getting a layout down featuring Sophia and Pa. This was a great one to do but I am sad that I'll have to let it go! I'm using it as my original layout to be turned into Memory Makers {a scrapbook magazine} for a contest that I'm entering. When I get it finished I will take a picture and post it for all to see.

Until then . . . have a very relaxing weekend!

Patrick took this picture in Waldport, OR during our Summer Vacation Trip.