Sunday, July 29, 2007

No Design Team for me . . . yet!!

So . . . I didn't make the 4SS Design Team, but don't worry folks . . . I haven't given up hope yet. I'm planning on applying for two more Design Teams, and in 6 months, if I haven't made any other DT's, I'll try out for the 4SS DT. I was kind of bummed, but its okay. It was good practice for me. I've been trying to keep up with everything around the house, with the girls, summer school, and at the same time trying to spit out some more pages!! Some of them have been pretty good . . . some of them like the one I'm going to post . . . not so good. I love the picture, but the layout just didn't turn out the way I wanted . . . oh well!!

This, as you can tell, is a picture of Sophia checking out the sunflowers. I think this is going to be a 2 pager because I have a couple more pics that go with this one but I haven't finished that page yet.

Well . . . sorry this post was so BLAH . . . until tomorrow!!

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Monica said...

I don't know why you don't like the layout . .. I think is good . . .but scrapbooking isn't my things so I am sure there is something wrong with it, probably to small to see what the naked eye but still driving you crazy!!