Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bees . . .

So yesterday the Tuttle family was outside playing in the pool and relaxing in the shade when all of a sudden . . . BAM . . .I was stung in the toe . .. on the toe directly next to the big toe!! All I have to say is that damn bee stole my scrappin' mojo! I took out the stinger, but it hurt really, really bad! Em was a sweetheart because she asked if I wanted some water poured on it so that I could feel better. I said sure so she grabbed her little yellow bucket and filled it with pool water then happily dumped the water all over my foot! It sort of felt better . . . this morning it's swollen, but I think my mojo will be back in working order so that I may complete another DT entry!!

Love ya all and Happy 2nd day of August!!

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