Friday, August 17, 2007

Sleeping in Seattle . . .

No . . . I didn't go visit the Space Needle . . . there was construction on I-5 . . . no, I didn't go downtown . . . there was construction on I-5 . . . basically I didn't go anywhere near Seattle because as you guessed there was construction on I-5!! But why would I go there anyway when there was this for me to hold:

This is Kelisa Saffold . . . isn't she precious?! She was skinny, quite, teeny tiny, and I loved meeting her!! Her mama is my best friend from college Mary {Ryan} Saffold!! It was so great to see Mary, Dave {her husband}, and Kelisa! They let me stay in their guest bedroom and I got to hang out and be Mary's slave! It was awesome to see her and I can't wait until next summer for Kelisa and Mary to come to Idaho!!

Yawn . . . I snapped this picture of Kelisa yawning . . .

In this one she is of course . . . sleeping . . . during the day instead of at night as Mary wants her to be doing . . .Hang in there, Mary . . . she will sleep through the night soon!!

Found art!! Monica took me around downtown Tacoma to see the sights and we happened to find art on the street . . . I believe it was done with pastel . . . cool!

This one is a picture of a bridge in Tacoma . . . I thought it looked pretty cool . . . the dome shaped thingy in the back ground is the Tacoma Dome {I think!}

Monica walking . . . ooohh . . so glamorous . . hee hee!!

This is a pic from the Dale Chihuly Museum!

This is the Chihuly Bridge of Glass . . . yes the blue things are made of glass . . . very cool!

This was at the Bridge of Glass also . . . there were thousands of glass creations in this overhead bin thing and this was a picture that I took looking up . . . very cool!

Oh ya . . . I got another tattoo! I've always wanted the Pearl Jam guy . . . and now I have him on my back! Photo curtosy of Monica!!

It was a great visit and I'm sooo glad that I got another chance to see the Saffolds! They are truly a beautiful little family! Thanks so much you guys and thanks also to Southwest for having cheap tickets: $59 each way!! When I returned home, I was able to sleep in . . . glorious! Then I went and picked up the kiddos! It was so good to see them. We played in the pool in the backyard . . . in actual swimming suits for once and here are some pics:

My big baby . . . I missed her a lot!

The dirt queen . . . with as you guessed it . . . more dirt!!

The girls actually running to go get more dirt!! Apparently it's a hot commodity around here!!

And finally . . . Emma running over to wipe down the sliding glass door with her water toy! So helpful!! Thanks for letting me share a small fraction of the pics that I took! Happy Friday!!


Monica said...

Damn right I am glamorous and don't you forget it!

Mama Tuttle said...

You're such a geek . . . but I love you anyway!!

Anonymous said...

You are such a good photographer. Wow. Thanks for coming. I had a blast.