Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Graples . . .

Yes . . . I know this means two posts in one day . . . I think it could be a record . . . the Flakes and I scheduled our own time at Graples this FANTASTIC home decor store in Nampa . . . I wanted a large mirror so that I could make sure that I haven't tucked my dress into my underwear or something before I go out the door for work . . . I have EXCELLENT news . . . I found it!! I'll take a picture of it tomorrow and post it . . . I love it! I also got a tin ceiling tile that is green/red . . . very cool to hang in the down stairs bathroom . . . now I just need some sepia pics and it will be a fab. decoration . . . I shall take a picture of that, too! Good night and I'll type some more tomorrow!! Oh . . . and I could have some fab. shots of the girls at their first ever jump house/ pool party!

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