Thursday, August 9, 2007

Summer School is OVER!!

So . . . Summer School this year wasn't the relaxing and fun time that it has been in the past. It was actually quite stressful and kind of long for 16 days of work. But today . . . it changed. One of my students apparently had a very bad year and did not like going to school. His mom said that she couldn't even get him to talk about school. Then he walked through the doors of my classroom, and me just being me apparently changed his whole outlook on school. His mom said that he actually likes coming to school . . . talks about everything that we do . . . she is just so happy that he got the opportunity to have me and have a positive attitude about school. Wow! That just made my day . . .and I'm glad to say that he'll be in my room in two weeks . . .and I'm really looking forward to it! That is after I have my 11 days off!! Later, Gators!!

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