Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pink & Brown Photo Frame Kit Project

Okay. . . Hello everyone! Jo, Leslie, & I got these fabulous kits from Heidi Swapp and this is one of the projects that I created using her products!! It's so cute in person . . . pictures really don't do it justice . . .

This is the whole project spread out . . . the different frames are held together with various ribbons.

This is a picture of the title page . . . Summer Smiles really should be in pink or cream but I didn't have that color of paint pen . . .

2nd page . . . Emma doing what she loves to do when she's outside swimming . . .

3rd page . . . Sophia with a hand full of dirt . . . this is not surprising . . . what is surprising is that the dirt is not in her mouth!!4th page . . . a picture of both girls . . . I love this one!!

5th page . . .Sophia offering me a drink of the girls' pool water . . . I declined this wonderful offer!!
I did this on Sunday night after the girls went to bed!! It was a lot of fun! Thanks for looking!

In other news, I went to school yesterday for an all day meeting . . . what fun, what fun!! Today, the girls and I are just hanging out. They will be spending the night with Nana & Papa tonight while I venture to Graples {a FANTASTIC home decorating store} to hopefully spend my gift certificate money from my birthday from Patrick and the girls!! Yeah! Talk to everyone later!

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Anonymous said...

Those pic's are awesome and I love the frames, beautiful. You really are talented.