Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sophia & Papa Layout!

This is my layout that I finished tonight of Sophia and my dad!! It was kind of difficult for me to decide on the patterned paper to use . . . so I just decided to stop stressing and decide already! Enjoy!!

I had to take the picture off . . .it's going to be one that I' m entering in the contest . . . it can't be in any public domain . . . I'm guessing my blog on the World Wide Web would be a public domain!!


Anonymous said...

Hello . . .nice page!

Monica said...

I can't see everything you wrote on this page but yes those big chocolate brown eyes are to die for!! :)ME

Mama Tuttle said...

Monica it says:
Those big chocolate brown eyes . . . they get me every time. People always comment on how expressive they are. When you first started climbing up the stairs, you would smile, & give Dad and I that look with those beautiful eyes. Your eyes show all of your emotions: happy, sad, & mischievous. You name it . . .your eyes show it!