Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pictures from this week . . .

This is my left over make-up from the photo shoot that I did for my hairdresser . . . it was soooo much fun! It was 5 hours of complete and utter fun! Getting my hair and make-up done was a real treat!! Stephen's staff at Salon Salon ROCKS!! They really kept me calm and focused and at ease! It was a lot of fun . . . that is me with my eye make-up and false eyelashes!!
This is Em and I on the first day of school . . . I had my friend snap this before taking her off to class . . . that's my new hair color and cut . . . it's soo cute! She was such a big girl . . . so excited and thrilled to be starting a new experience . . . she's getting to be such a big girl!!
And then . . . I finished off the week with dinner and a photo shoot with this little guy!! He's such a doll baby!! Marcy had the girls and I over for dinner and drinks after the first day of school! It was so great! We relaxed and talked while Paul and the girls played in the sprinklers!! I was able to take several more shots of him while his mama was giving the girls a quick warm up and get the grass off bath! It was a great conclusion to my first week back to work!
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Crystal said...

Awesome Andrea! Your hair looks great!